Stanco Scientific Offers D1 Pickup Testing.

D1 pickups are the backbone for Octane testing but many take them for granted when the octanes derived are in specification. When they are off they are sent to the drawer of doubt. Wouldn’t it be amazing to finally get a definitive answer on your D1’s health? StanCo can help!

StanCo Scientific is now offering D1 pickup testing using the Vertex pickup Tester. During evaluation we clean the pickup diaphragm removing most deposits depending on age. Using a crack locator dye to verify that the dome is not cracked it is then photographed under a microscope to be included in the report. The Seal at the cable end of the pickup is removed and replaced. After all physical tests are completed the D1 is taken to the Pickup tester.

The D1 instrument allows the evaluator to see beyond the simple resistance checks to see how the pickups performs dynamically. With simulations of “thumps” the unit is simulating Knocking at over 5000 repetitions. The second dynamic test is the Drop test to see how the pickup reacts to an event and if its accurately outputs a signal. Save money and time guessing if your Pickup is good or not, test your pickups today.

Give us a call to reserve a time slot for your D1’s to be evaluated . StanCo Scientific Inc. 815-416-1422